What attracts the BBC to shoot so many of its series in Flanders? We asked Eurydice Gysel of Czar Film & TV, Flemish co-producer of the BBC series The White Queen, The Missing S1 & S2, Baptiste S1 and Les Misérables.

We've existed for 20 years and, since we are a boutique production company, making commercials for example, we are shooting every day. So, we have really a good knowledge of crew and techniques, and we know what people expect when they come to Belgium. That's what we have to offer them.

Eurydice Gysel - Czar Film & TV

Get the full picture below and discover why Flanders and Czar Film & TV are sought after as partners in international co-productions.

Czar Film & TV is a director-driven production company that produces commercials, music videos, short films, feature films and documentaries. In every project it tries to integrate the creative signature of the makers.
Czar is internationally known for feature films such as Ex-Drummer, Angel and Coureur, which were selected in many film festivals around the world. As a co-producer it has collaborated on features such as Borgman and Schneider vs. Bax and the BBC drama series The White Queen, The Missing S1 & S2, Baptiste S1 and Les Misérables.


Czar Film & TV

The Flanders Region boasts highly skilled talent both in front and behind the camera, authentic film locations, state-of-the-art studio complexes and post-production services. Want to learn more about co-production possibilities and partnerships with Flanders? Discover the testimonials of Caviar, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Lunanime, Potemkino and Savage Film.

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