The Claus Family 2 on Netflix

The Flemish Christmas movies The Claus Family 2 is now available on Netflix. The feature is a production of the Flemish production company Dingie starring amongst others Mo Bakker, Jan Decleir and Bracha van Doesburgh in the leading roles.

The Claus Family 2

Transport nominated for the 2022 Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize

Screenwriter and director Auli Mantila of the Finnish-Belgian drama series Transport is nominated for the 2022 Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize at the Göteborg Film Festival’s TV Drama Vision.


Rusty wins Cinekid Public Prize

The animated series Rusty (season 2) has been awarded the National Public Prize for Children aged 4 & 5 at the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam!


The Offensive awarded in New York

The documentary series The Offensive, produced by the Flemish production company Panenka has been awarded a golden medal for Best Documentary in the category Social Issues at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards.

The Offensive
De Onfatsoenlijken 03 - copyright PanenkaVRT_preview.jpg

Ninja Express conquers the globe

Creative Conspiracy’s animated series Ninja Express is to premiere this summer on Ketnet, the BBC, Gulli and Warner Media’s Boomerang.

Ninja Express
NEBy the SeasideSA_NNJXPR0114_Fr_09.jpg
5 March 2021
10 September 2021

Your Co-Production Partner

Screen Flanders is your first stop for audiovisual activities in the Flanders Region (Belgium), providing financial support through its Economic Fund and information and services via its Film Commission.

Economic Fund

With an annual budget of 3.5 million euros, the Screen Flanders Economic Fund offers support to audiovisual productions and co-productions that spend all or part of their budget within the Flanders Region.

International Co-Production

Flanders, Belgium is an attractive multi-layered cake when it comes to film financing, offering multiple attractive incentives on different levels, which can easily be combined.



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Flanders / We are co-production - Caviar


Flanders / We are co-production - Czar Film & TV


Flanders / We are co-production - Eyeworks Film & TV Drama


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