Young Hearts in Berlin

Anthony Schatteman's debut feature film has its world premiere at Generation KPlus during the Berlinale. An SF-supported production by Polar Bear.

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Young Hearts
Young Hearts

Fox & Hare Save The Forest in Berlin

Masha Halberstad's family film will have its world premiere at the Berlinale, in the Generation KPlus competition. An SF-supported production with Walking The Dog as Belgian co-producer.

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Fox And Hare Save The Forest
Fox And Hare Save The Forest

WILL worldwide on Netflix

Will, the film by Tim Mielants, is a SF-supported production by Menuetto Film.

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Flanders, we are locations

Filming in Flanders. Discover our stunning locations and unique diversity of architectural styles.

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15 March 2024
6 September 2024

Your Co-Production Partner

Screen Flanders is your first stop for audiovisual activities in the Flanders Region (Belgium), providing financial support through its Economic Fund and information and services via its Film Commission.

Economic Fund

With an annual budget of 3.5 million euros, the Screen Flanders Economic Fund offers support to audiovisual productions and co-productions that spend all or part of their budget within the Flanders Region.

Film Commission

The Film Commission provides information and assistance to both domestic and international filmmakers regarding location scouting, incentives and production and post-production services in the Flanders Region.

Belgian Tax Shelter

The Belgian Tax Shelter is an efficient and transparent government-approved tax incentive designed to encourage the production of audiovisual works in Belgium. The system is open to Belgian productions, as well as to qualifying European and international co-productions with Belgium.

International Co-Production

Flanders, Belgium is an attractive multi-layered cake when it comes to film financing, offering multiple attractive incentives on different levels, which can easily be combined.

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Flanders we are co-production


IMG_2895 3 Normaal

Meet the Masters from Flanders

IMG_2888 Normaal

Meet the Masters: producer Samuel Bruyneel, Lunanime

IMG_2891 Normaal

Meet the Masters: Wim Michiels, LITES Water Stage & Film Studios

IMG_2889 Normaal

Meet the Masters: Jules Debrock, Flow Postproduction