Established in 1990, Vivi Film started off as a production company for short films and documentaries, but soon found its calling producing animated content.

With credits including Oscar-nominated The Triplets of Belleville and The Secret of Kells, and two animation studios under its wing, the company is an attractive co-production partner in high demand.

Vivi Film’s most recent international co-productions include the animated features Titina, directed by Kajsa Næs, and Valemon, The Polar Bear King, directed by Mikkel B Sandemose. Both productions were supported by Screen Flanders.


Co-produced with the Norwegian production company Mikrofilm, Titina tells the story of a pet dog who joins her owner, the Italian airship engineer Umberto Nobile, on an expedition to the North Pole. Unusually for an animated feature, the film was co-produced by only two European countries. This was made possible thanks to the specific work split, the amount of financing coming out of Norway, and the financial contributions from the Belgian Tax Shelter and the regional economic funds Screen Brussels and Screen Flanders. Animation for the feature was done entirely in Belgium, starting with the technical layout, and ending with the composited images. The Belgian team of 105 professionals worked for around 24 months on the feature. Meanwhile, the Norwegian team worked on the development, storyboard, animatic, voices, sound, music and post-production.

Titina © Vivi Film

My unique selling point is that I can put together the puzzle of the financing plan, but also the work split and the work schedule. I like to be open about everything and solve the puzzle in a way that it fits together perfectly.

Viviane Vanfleteren - Vivi Film

Co-producing with Vivi Film

After producing animated feature films and series on an international level for many years, in 2016 Vivi Film established its own animation studio, the Brussels-based Studio Souza. A second structure was created recently in Ghent, called Creature. Combining experience, local talent and local financing mechanisms is one of Viviane Vanfleteren’s specialities.

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Vivi Film

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