The Flanders-based production company jonnydepony joins the talents of (executive) producer Helen Perquy (Quiz Me Quick, Tabula Rasa) and producer, screenwriter and showrunner Philippe De Schepper (Missing Persons Unit, Homegrown).

Discover how Flemish talent, creativity and entrepreneurship came together in their recent co-productions Transport and Arcadia.


Finnish production company Tekele reached out to jonnydepony for the production of the eight- episodes series Transport, written and directed by Auli Mantila., Finnish production company Tekele reached out to jonnydepony. As the series revolves around food fraud and horse trading, there were many links to be made with the Flemish culture of horse breeding. Helen Perquy joined the all-female production team, and co-produced and co-financed the series out of Flanders via the local streaming platform Streamz, the economic fund Screen Flanders and the federal Tax Shelter.

A mixed crew of Finnish and Flemish talent shot part of the series on location in Flanders. The cast included Flemish acting talents, such as Lynn Van Royen (Beau Séjour, The Window) and Geert Van Rampelberg (Ritual, Red Light) in leading roles.

Transport © Maarten De Bouw Photography


The Flemish series Arcadia, directed by Tim Oliehoek, is the first science fiction series produced in the Benelux. It is set in Arcadia, a near-future society that emerged after a series of climate change disasters. In this world, people are controlled by a Citizen Score, which is determined by the way they live, work and obey the rules. The series follows a law-abiding family who, thanks to their high score, can live a good life. Then everything changes when the father of the family is deported from Arcadia to the outside world.

To bring this ambitious project to life, jonnydepony joined forces with local public broadcaster VRT, NPO/KRO-NCRV in the Netherlands, and WDR/SWR in Germany. Financing was further complemented by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Screen Flanders, the federal Tax Shelter and the Dutch incentive.

The impressive interiors of Arcadia were built at the LITES studios in Flanders and the exteriors were found in France, in the Netherlands, in Belgium and in Germany.

Arcadia 2
Arcadia © Maarten De Bouw Photography

With a budget this high, we needed everything possible. So, beside the broadcasters, we also got Screen Flanders on board, of course Tax Shelter, and the Dutch incentive.

Helen Perquy - jonnydepony

Co-producing with jonnydepony

The story is at the centre of each co-production jonnydepony steps into, as well as the professionalism of the co-production partner. As a partner, jonnydepony can offer experience and know-how. Efficiency is also one of the company’s core values. Since 2023, jonnydepony is part of the international Banijay group, via Banijay Benelux.

We have a lot of know-how, are very down to earth, and we truly like being efficient.

Helen Perquy - jonnydepony

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