The Flanders Region has many assets to offer international co-productions, but what makes it so unique? We put this question to some of our more frequent Screen Flanders applicants, such as Robin Kerremans of Caviar.

On the talent side, I think it's very unusual to have so many options in such a small country. It's like our soccer team: we are very small, but they all play in big leagues. And I'd say the audiovisual sector is the same. We have actors in big international shows or movies, we have directors of photography who do the biggest movies worldwide, we have editors who are world-renowned, we have composers who are really on their way, we have graders who are true artists, and we have VFX artists who are sought after worldwide. I don’t think you have that choice, in terms of bringing local pieces to the table, in many other regions in the world.

Robin Kerremans - Caviar

Watch Robin Kerremans' full testimonial below and discover the key features Flanders and Caviar have to offer your next production.

The international production company Caviar was founded in Belgium, and now has offices in Los Angeles, London, Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid. The company is fully integrated and produces scripted and non-scripted content, commercials and music videos. It develops its own projects but also teams up on co-productions on a regular basis. The company also offers in-house post-production services and Tax Shelter financing.
Caviar is known internationally for TV series such as Tabula Rasa, Clan and feature films such as The Rider and Sound of Metal. It was also a co-production partner on films such as Nymphomaniac, Le Tout Nouveau Testament and The Racer. Caviar is looking for genre with an edge, projects that are commercial enough to find an audience, but different enough to be a next step in storytelling, creativeness or visual flair.

The Flanders Region boasts highly skilled talent both in front and behind the camera, authentic film locations, state-of-the-art studio complexes and post-production services. Want to learn more about co-production possibilities and partnerships with Flanders? Discover the testimonials of Czar Film & TV, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Lunanime, Potemkino and Savage Film.

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With a budget of 3.5 million euros the Screen Flanders Economic Fund invests in approx. 20 projects each year. Producers wanting to collaborate with Flanders can apply for funding to cover part of their production expenses in the Region. Foreign producers interested in applying can co-produce with a Belgian producer.

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