Flanders-based production company Bulletproof Cupid was founded in 2008, initially as a service producer for titles such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Tim Burton.

Bulletproof Cupid now focuses on feature films for a broad and younger audience, such as Cloudboy and Spaceboy. Almost all their productions are international co-productions between three or four countries.

Co-owners Katleen Goossens and Wim Goossens, who both produce, each have over a decade of experience freelancers in the industry, working for the BBC, Universal Pictures and Focus Features. Wim Goossens also has a background in location management and line producing, and is the only Flemish producer to be a member of the British Production Guild.

Feature films

The historical film Redbad was a co-production between the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium, supported by Screen Flanders. Creating the film’s 8th Century setting was a challenge, and most of the artistic input to do this came from Flanders, including six Heads of Department and all the VFX. Storm, another historical feature film for youngsters co-produced by Bulletproof Cupid, was shot in beautiful historical locations throughout Flanders, such as Ghent, Ypres, and Leuven, with a budget of 6 million euros.

Bulletproof Cupid also produced Binti, which was the bestselling Flemish film internationally in 2020, its year of release. It premiered at Sundance and was sold by LevelK to more than 70 countries.

Bulletproof Cupid’s latest co-production is Libertad by Clara Roquet, which achieved international success after its premiere at the Semaine de la critique in Cannes. After this first co-production with Spain, the company hopes to further explore this interesting market in future.

Libertad © Bulletproof Cupid

Co-producing with Bulletproof Cupid

Bulletproof Cupid likes to take accountability and ownership in its share of any co-production and is looking for a like-minded approach towards producing in potential projects. It likes to get involved in an early stage of the project, so there is added value.

Without limiting themselves, the producers have a weak spot for LGBTQI+-stories and female-driven content. One of their key values is loyalty: they like to establish long-term relationships with the partners and producers they work with. Co-producers also gain access to their extensive network of carefully selected freelancers.

What makes us rather unique is our extensive international experience. We fully understand the needs of a foreign film crew, looking for local support on a high level.

Katleen Goossens - Bulletproof Cupid
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Bulletproof Cupid

Why co-produce with Flanders?

The Flanders Region boasts highly skilled talent both in front and behind the camera, authentic film locations, state-of-the-art studio complexes and post-production services. Want to learn more about co-production possibilities and partnerships with Flanders? Discover our testimonials archive, which can be searched by key word.

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With a budget of 3.5 million euros the Screen Flanders Economic Fund invests in approx. 20 projects each year. Producers wanting to collaborate with Flanders can apply for funding to cover part of their production expenses in the Region. Foreign producers interested in applying can co-produce with a Belgian producer.

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