Film permits

A film permit is always required in the Flanders Region in the case of a professional shooting or recording in public areas, regardless the size of the crew or the impact of the production on the area.

Filming in public areas
Film permits are issued by the regional city or municipal departments. Depending on the size of the crew, the impact on the local traffic and the required logistic support, the processing of the application takes from a couple of days up to a couple of weeks.
The Flanders Region currently counts five local film offices situated in the region’s key cities: Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Leuven and Ostend. These offices offer support and introductions to film crews and issue film permits within their city boundaries.

Antwerp City Film Office
Ira Guilini
Francis Wellesplein 1
2018 Antwerp
Tel: + 32 (0) 3 338 31 47
City Film Office Bruges
Loes Maveau
Toerismehuis Sint-Jan
PB 744
8000 Bruges
Tel: + 32 (0) 50 44 46 55
Fax: + 32 (0) 50 44 46 45
Ghent Film Office
Henk Terryn
Wiedauwkaai 49A
9000 Ghent
Tel: + 32 (0) 9 323 63 13
Fax: + 32 (0) 9 269 46 59

City of Leuven | Inname Openbaar Domein
Professor Van Overstraetenplein 1         
3000 Leuven
Tel:+32 (0) 16 27 21 09

Ostend Film Office
Niels D'Hoedt
Monacoplein 2
8400 Ostend
Tel: + 32 (0) 59 25 53 16
Fax: + 32 (0) 59 70 34 77

In the cities and towns that do not have a specific film office, permits are usually issued by the tourism department or the town clerk. For more information on film permit procedures within the Flanders Region, please get in touch with the Screen Flanders film commission.

Screen Flanders Film Commission
Flanders Film House
Bischoffsheimlaan 38
1000 Brussels
T +32 (0) 2 226 06 30
F +32 (0)2 219 19 36

Filming in private locations
The terms and conditions for the use of a private location always need to be negotiated with the owner of the location. They are often part of a written agreement between the owner and producer.
Screen Flanders always advises to get in touch with a local professional location scout to assist you in your search for private locations. An overview of professional location scouts active in the Flanders Region can be consulted in the Screen Flanders online industry database.

A public liability insurance is required for film producers to cover small material damage and injuries. Additional entertainment insurances for film may also cover damages to natural settings (houses, nature and heritage sites, etc.) and entrusted goods, fire damage, etc. In many cases a copy of the film insurance policy is required in order to apply for a film permit. A list of local insurance firms that offer specialised entertainment insurances can beconsulted in our online production guide.