The project is inspected by the agency's inspectors. An inspector will visit to inspect the elements listed in the funding decision. The findings of the inspection and any other comments (such as ex post infringements relating to admissibility) will be written up in an inspection report. 

Inspections normally take place after the request for the third and final instalment, but can also be arranged on the agency's initiative. The original invoices and means of payment are to be produced for these inspections. The documents must be described and listed in Excel, in the ‘supplier list’, along with a series number referring to the analytical accounts at minimum, and a clear distinction must be made between invoices that are eligible for support and those that are not. This list can be taken from the analytical accounts. 

See also ‘For what expenses?’ for an overview of the expenses eligible for Screen Flanders support. 

Combination with VAF support 

If the project is also in receipt of VAF support, the inspection will cover the two support mechanisms at once and be carried out by one inspector from the agency and another from VAF. 

Inspection findings 

The inspection report is sent to the account manager who then processes the file. This may lead to any of the following outcomes: 

  • more eligible expenses in relation to the support allocation: support granted in full (a higher eligible figure cannot lead to a higher amount of support) 
  • fewer eligible expenses in relation to the support allocation, but more than EUR 250,000: pro rata reduction of the amount of support 
  • less than EUR 250.000 in eligible expenses: support withdrawn and reclamation of the amounts already paid 
  • other elements not satisfied: support withdrawn and reclamation of the amounts already paid 

The findings of the inspection are also used to set the definitive recoupment percentage (see ‘Repayment obligation’).