Compulsory reports

The following elements must be reported to the agency, unless it is explicitly stated that they are to be reported to VAF. 

Opening and closing credits: all language and region versions are to be reviewed by VAF prior to the first public screening. 

Collection account agreement: where a collection account is used, Screen Flanders will be added as a beneficiary - not as a signatory - and the Collection Account Agreements signed by all parties will be provided as and when available. 

Co-production contract: all amended versions and the definitive version are to be produced (if these versions have not already been provided) as and when available. 

Deliverables: during production, and immediately after completion of the master, several elements are to be supplied to VAF (Katrien Maes). The full list is available at > Toegekende steun> Deliverables (in Dutch). These deliverables are separate from deliverables in the case of support from VAF. 

Shooting schedule: the final and complete shooting schedule (showing the shooting days in the Flanders Region) is to be provided prior to the first day of principal photography. 

Exploitation account: an overview of the revenue and expenditure resulting from exploitation of the audiovisual work is to be produced on 31 March of each year, starting the year following the first public screening (see also ‘Repayment obligation’). 

Defaults and legal proceedings: every direct or indirect default or legal case relating to the project and naming the beneficiary or a third party must be reported immediately. 

Production milestones: milestones such as the start of principal photography or the première screening must be reported to VAF (Katrien Maes) immediately, once known. Communications issued by Screen Flanders may be based on these dates. 

Stoppage: any stoppage of the project must be reported immediately. Support will be withdrawn in the event of a stoppage, and the amounts paid may be reclaimed. Be aware that support, which has been awarded but not paid cannot be recuperated. Support awarded to one project cannot be used for another project, whether for the same production company or other production companies. 

Amendments: all substantial amendments must be communicated immediately via the amendments form, which is available from the website, i.e.: 

  • every change in the total budget in excess of 10% 
  • every change in or between expense items of more than 10% 
  • all other changes likely to affect the quality of the project or of importance to the application, such as the title, director, DOP, lead actors, number of episodes and/or total playing time, date of first screening, changes in co-production, lapse of spending period, changes in presales and minimum guarantees by which the audiovisual work is funded, change of beneficiary/contact's seat of operations. 

Only approved amendments will be accepted by the inspection.