The maximum support per project is EUR 400,000. You decide how much support you apply for on the basis of your eligible expenses and the general quality of the application. Although the assessment covers many aspects (see ‘Application Procedure’), the relationship between support and eligible expenses or ‘leverage’ is an important criterion. 

However, the support is restricted by the following rules: 

  • the support shall be no more than the amount of eligible expenses. In other words, the degree of financial leverage must be at least 1 
  • the total state support granted to the project (See ‘For what type of project?’) 



The aid is granted in the form of advances repayable on net receipts. In this context ‘repayable’ means that you are under an obligation to make repayments if earnings are made, but under no obligation if earnings are not made. It also means that the repayments are independent of the level of support. The repayments could turn out to be lower, but could also turn out to be higher than the amount of aid granted (see also ‘Repayment Obligation’).