General principles

Screen Flanders support does not apply to all costs. Eligible expenses are those that are: 

  • Invoiced and paid in the spending period 

The spending period starts on the day the support application is submitted, i.e. the date of the file's submission and registration under a file number, and closes 18 months (in the case of fiction and documentary) or 24 months (in the case of animation) after the call ranking decision. It is thus entirely independent of production planning. The spending period is defined clearly in the written decision you receive when support is granted. It may be extended, provided that reasons for the extension are given and accepted and that the extension is requested before the original spending period ends. 

  • Invoiced by a VAT paying company which has a registered office, seat of operations and demonstrable continuity of operations in the Flanders Region, and are paid in the Flanders Region 

The purpose of Screen Flanders is to support the Flemish audiovisual sector. The producer is responsible, as the immediate beneficiary, for selecting authentic suppliers based in the Flanders Region that provide for structure in the sector. In other words, shell companies, which provide little in the way of actual structure in the Flanders Region, will be refused. Hence the requirement that, in addition to a registered office, there has to be a seat of operations and, therefore, a structure in the Flanders Region. But, as every situation is different, a definitive checklist to establish the unequivocal existence of a seat of operations would be impossible to compile. Be critical, then, when selecting suppliers on a cost eligibility basis. 

An Industry Database is available on the Screen Flanders website. It lists freelancers and companies that work in the Flemish audiovisual sector. This database is searchable by main entry and activity. Use “Contacts” to generate a quick and simple list of companies and professionals in the industry, which you can then send to your email address. Please remember that the companies listed in the Industry Database are not necessarily eligible for Screen Flanders support. This database is designed to not simply list eligible suppliers but provide an overview of potential project contributors. 

If in doubt, please contact the Screen Flanders team. 

  • Invoiced directly to the applicant 
  • Incurred to ensure completion of the audiovisual work in question 
  • Incurred in respect of (im)material goods or services related to the audiovisual sector 
  • Realistic and competitive in terms of price 

Extremely high rates may be refused.