Submission to a call

The agency will only accept applications between the opening of a call and the 12.00 deadline for that call. Documents will not be accepted after the submission date and, once submitted, files cannot be adapted. 

The first call of the year will open on the date specified in the Ministerial Decree on Calls. Ensuing call(s) in that year will open at 12.00 on the latest submission date for the previous call.


Submit the completed funding application file to Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship). Applications can be submitted on weekdays between 09.00 and 17.00. The agency is located in the Ellips building, Koning Albert II-laan 35 / bus 12, 1030 Brussels, on the 14th floor. You can also address the file to a member of (agency) staff listed under ‘Information and Contacts’. 

A complete funding application file includes: 

  • Two paper copies (preferably printed recto/verso) containing the completed application, including all attachments, bound or stapled. Only the script need be added in a separate document, also in two copies. Loose leaf documents and classification folders will not be accepted. 
  • Two digital copies of the complete funding application. The application form and project budget must be submitted in Excel format. To be certain that the file is legible at our end you must (also) provide an xlsb file. The other documents must be converted to PDF. All files are to be supplied on two separate, identical, non-rewritable electronic storage devices (CD-ROM, DVD, Windows-formatted USB stick, etc.). File names of the attachments must refer to the index numbers given in the final question of the application form. 
  • Two copies of the screening material (if screening material is needed) 
  • One copy of the original work (novel, play…) (if the work is an adaptation) or documentation (if the work is an IP, franchise or format). 

Do you plan to submit the application in person? Please be sure to obtain a receipt stating the date and time of submission. 

Can the application be submitted by courier? It can! Your receipt will be sent to you in the post. 

On the final day of submission, a member of Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship will staff the ground floor reception until 12.00 to take receipt of your application. Once again, it is essential that you obtain a receipt in proof of submitting your application file before 12.00.