Ranking and decision

Projects are ranked in descending order according to their overall score.

Please note! To receive funding, a project must achieve more than 60 points, and the budget must allow full allocation of the - possibly corrected - amount.

Does the budget exceed the approved amount of support and is another call due in the same year? If so, the surplus is added to the budget for the next call. 

The agency will send an informal email informing you of its decision. If support is awarded, this email will contain some of the key figures, such as the amount of support and the eligible expenditure to be made. A formal funding award decision will then be sent containing the parameters and obligations, as well as any additional conditions attached to the project. 

This award decision replaces the ministerial decisions on individual projects, which had applied until the third call of 2016. 

If a project is not awarded support, a letter is sent explaining the reasons for the decision.