Hearing and assessment

You are invited to present your application at a hearing. The jury, composed of three representatives from the agency and three representatives from VAF, may amend the support application (by rejecting expenses, for example, or imposing extra conditions, or adjusting the requested sum downwards) to ensure optimal use of government resources. Where expenses are rejected, the support will be proportionally adjusted. If the jury adjusts the support downwards it will also adjust the eligible expenses in accordance with the degree of financial leverage presented in the application. 

At the hearing, the applicant will have the opportunity to propose an alternative recoupment position (see ‘Repayment Obligation’) if this arrangement improves the position for Screen Flanders. Some funding models may undermine the conventional Screen Flanders recoupment position. Extreme caution is applied to such a proposal. As it can be difficult to determine whether a given recoupment position is ‘better’, the conventional position is taken as standard, and alternatives are an exception. 

The jury then assesses the application against the following qualitative and quantitative criteria: 

  • The social and cultural added value of the audiovisual work in terms of the quality and appeal of the script (10 points) 
  • The actors involved in the audiovisual work (10 points):
    • the professionalism and track record of the applicant 
    • the quality and appeal of the cast and director 
  • Efficiency and output (30 points): 
    • the commercial strengths of the co-production contract 
    • the signed distribution guarantees (as set out in the financial plan) 
    • cost-effectiveness of resources used 
    • the feasibility of the audiovisual work's production given the resources available 
    • the quality of the distributors and the presold territories 
    • the free territories (being territories that generate income in the event of a sale) 
    • the chances of a financial return and the repayment capacity 
  • Effectiveness and outcome (50 points): 
    • the amount of eligible expenditure in the Flanders Region or the degree of financial leverage created 
    • impact of the audiovisual work on the (Flemish) production company 
    • impact on the Flemish audiovisual sector 
    • impact on the film crew 
    • impact on the Flemish providers of technical services 
    • impact on Flanders as an audiovisual and filming region and as a region in general 
    • In the case of projects already supported by the VAF: impact and added value of additional support via this decision