Compulsory attachments

To give a complete picture of the project, a number of attachments are requested in addition to the application form. They are listed in the final question on the application form, which serves as a handy checklist and form an integral part of the file. The application form states clearly whether an attachment is compulsory or optional. The attachments must be numbered in the same way. 

Please find an overview of the attachments below.

Attachment Compulsory Optional
1 Signed and dated statement on honour X  
2 Synopsis (+/- 1 A4 = minimum 400 words) X  
3 Project budget (Excel template, see Downloads) X  

Statement of intent from the producer as to the choice of project, the production and funding approach, placement in the market and the impact of the project on the Flanders Region.

The statement must contain at least the following information on the audiovisual work:

  • impact on the (Flemish) production company
  • impact on the Flemish audiovisual sector
  • impact on the film crew
  • impact on the Flemish providers of technical services
  • impact on Flanders as an audiovisual and production region and as a region in general
  • in the case of projects already supported by the VAF: impact and added value of additional aid via this application.
5 Statement of intent from the author or scriptwriter as to the choice of subject, the chosen approach or perspective, form, structure, style and visual approach to the story X  
6 Statement of intent from the director as to the choice of subject, the style, the structure and the visual approach X  

Description of the audiovisual work or script. Please add the script as a separate document bundle.

The project description depends on the genre of the audiovisual work:

  • Animation: a fully written script, the beginnings of a storyboard, design of characters, decor, mood boards and a description of the techniques used
  • Documentary: a detailed visual plan, content and structure, if possible a detailed script
  • Fiction: a fully written script
8 Character descriptions X*  
9 Co-production contract(s) (+ annexes) with all co-producers listed in the application form X*  
10 Agreed distribution guaranties as set out in the application form X*  
11 Where an adaptation, remake or IP, format or franchise is concerned: proof that filming rights have been acquired (in the form of a valid option or contract) plus one copy of the original work (novel, play, DVD) and documentation on the IP, franchise or format in question (moving pictures or otherwise) X*  
12 CV of the director, scriptwriter, producer, production designer, head animator and leading actors X  
13 The most recently filed annual accounts of the company and, where applicable, a diagram of the group structure and in the case of a first request or amendments, the articles of association of the production company X  
14 Agreements relating to copyrights and author's fees (director and scriptwriter) X  
15 Preliminary agreements of those involved   X
16 Contracts concluded in relation to financing X  
17 Documents on financing still under negotiation   X
18 Documents on distribution and/or screening negotiations   X
19 Financial estimate of the national distribution and international sales and possible returns for your production company and Screen Flanders, preferably supported by a substantial note as to the saleability of the project or a marketing plan (based on USP, story, director, cast, target audience, results of original work (commercial success of a book or the original film) and the results of previous films by the director or producer, or comparable films). X  
20 If an application was/is made for Wallimage or Screen Brussels support (whether approved or not): overview of the amounts using the dedicated form, which is available from Downloads) X*  
21 Recoupment statement signed by the main producer and the producer applying for support (standard form available from the website) X  
*: where applicable

Contracts and agreements added as attachments will not qualify as attachments unless they are dated and signed by the parties involved. Annexes to agreements must also be attached (e.g. finance plan, budget, recoupment plan, etc.).

Everything in Dutch?

Synopses, notes of intent and character descriptions must be submitted in Dutch. Scripts may be submitted in Dutch, French or English, but Dutch is preferred. Articles of association, CVs, contracts and documents with regard to funding may be submitted in Dutch, French or English. 

If these documents are not in any of the three permitted languages, a translation into Dutch of at least the most relevant passages of each document must be added.