The Flanders Audiovisual Fund - VAF

The VAF/Film Fund supports audiovisual productions in Flanders, as well as international co-productions with Flanders. The aims of the Fund are threefold: to develop a sustainable audiovisual industry, to encourage and support upcoming audiovisual talent, and to promote a vibrant audiovisual culture in Flanders. The Film Fund receives an annual grant from the Flanders government, of which in 2015 €10.4 million is allocated to production support. Filmmakers can apply for support for fiction, documentary, animation and so-called Filmlab (experimental) projects.

The VAF/Media Fund was launched in 2011 to support the production of independent television series, co-financed by a Flemish broadcaster. The Media Fund supports three types of series: animation, documentary, and fiction series. The total budget for production support of the Media Fund for 2015 is €3.6 million. For foreign series a minimum of 20% of the budget must be financed through a Flemish producer and the majority of the financing must already be in place. This means that a minimum of 50% of the total budget must already be financed or support by a public film body must already have been granted.

The VAF/Game Fund was launched in 2012 to support the creation of games produced by Flanders based game developers. The Game Fund supports serious games for educational purposes and other types of serious and entertainment games. The total budget for support of the Game Fund for 2015 is €730.000.

For foreign producers interested in accessing VAF support, the best and easiest way is to first find a local producer (see,,, Industry Database).