Fast facts


Capital Brussels

Area 30,527.9 sq. km (11.787 sq. mi)

Population 11,250,585*

Population per sq. km 368
Official languages Dutch (Flemish), French (Walloon) and German

Currency Euro (EUR or €)

International credit cards are widely accepted. It’s advised to withdraw cash with a debit card or credit card, as most Belgian banks don’t cash travellers cheques anymore. 

Time zone GMT +1 (GMT +from the end of March till the end of October)

Electricity/mains voltage 220-230V AC, 50Hz, two-pin plugs of the types C, E and F are standard

Weights and measures Metric system


DVD/Blu-Ray Region 2/Zone B

International call prefix and country code +32

*situation on 1 January 2016 (source:


Capital Brussels

Official language Dutch (Flemish)

In Flanders, most people speak or understand English and French 

Area 13,521 sq. km (5,221 sq. mi)

Population 6,471,996*

Population per sq. km 478

*situation on 1 January 2016 (source:

Major cities*

Aalst population of 84,251
Antwerp population of 515,542
Brussels population of 176,512
Bruges population of 117,993
Genk population of 65,659
Ghent population of 256,262
Hasselt population of 76,621
Kortrijk population of 75,472
Leuven population of 99,075
Mechelen population of 84,386 

Ostend population of 70,458
Roeselare population of 60,930
Sint-Niklaas population of 75,143
Turnhout population of 42,886

*situation on 1 January 2016 (source:


Antwerp capital: Antwerp
East Flanders capital: Ghent

Flemish Brabant capital: Leuven

Limburg capital: Hasselt

West Flanders capital: Bruges

Flanders also has its own local institutions in the Brussels-Capital region: the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (VGC), and its municipal antennae (Gemeenschapscentra, community centres for the Flemish community in Brussels). These institutions are independent of the educational, cultural and social institutions that depend directly on the Flemish government.

Brussels is a part of Flanders as far as community matters are concerned, but does not belong to the Flemish Region. 

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