Climate and weather

Belgium has a temperate maritime climate influenced by the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, with relatively moderate summers and mild winters. Since the country is small, there is little variation in climate from region to region, although the marine influence is a little less pronounced away from the coast.

The average temperature is about 3°C (37°F) in January, and 18°C (64°F) in July, although on occasion, temperatures have fallen as low as -15°C (5°F) during extreme winters, or gone as high as 38°C (100.4°F) over summer. However, such extremes are very unusual. 

The average precipitation is 76.1 millimeters (3 inches) in January, and 73.5 millimeters (2.9 inches) in July. On average, there are 200 days of rain per year.

The annual variation of rainfall:

  • In the coastal area, most rain falls in October 
  • In Lower and Central Flanders, most rain falls during summertime (July-August)

Usually the wind in Belgium is southwesterly. The average wind speed is up to 3 m/s inland, and 6 to 7 m/s on the coast.

Consult the daily overview on the website of the RMI Center.

Although during winter, snowfalls of up to 50cm are not unknown, it seldom snows in Lower and Central Belgium. Normally the first snows arrive at the end of November, with the last snowflakes falling in April.

Climate averages

  Hours of
max. temp.
min. temp.
Number of
rainy days
January 59.0 3.3°C 5.7°C 0.7°C 19.2
February 77.0 3.7°C 6.6°C 0.7°C 16.3
March 114.0 6.8°C 10.4°C 3.1°C 17.8
April 159.0 9.8°C 14.2°C 5.3°C 15.0
May 191.0 13.6°C 18.1°C 9.2°C 16.2
June 188.0 16.2°C 20.6°C 11.9°C 15.0
July 201.0 18.4°C 23.0°C 14.0°C 14.3
August 190.0 18.0°C 22.6°C 13.6°C 14.5
September 143.0 14.9°C 19.0°C 10.9°C 15.7
October 113.0 11.1°C 14.7°C 7.8°C 16.6
November 66.0 6.8°C 9.5°C 4.1°C 18.8
December 45.0 3.9°C 6.1°C 1.6°C 19.3

Source: KMI – ‘De maandnormalen te Ukkel’

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